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Many enemies arise against the native, and secret enmity from females may be expected. In marriage there will be trouble.


The passions are quick and volatile, and the nature is capable of great passional devotion, which, however, is liable to bring disastrous results. Sagittarius 1st decan, ruled by Mercury. This decan gives much versatility and capacity for general work. More particularly it gives a good judgment, a sober mind, a quick intellect; but powers running into profusion and disorder through richness of intellect and lack of method. Troubles and bickerings in marital life may be looked for; many enemies and many conquests.

The native rises in life through the exercise of his faculties, and favours the more humane studies, natural science and philosophy.

This decan confers much romance and strong imaginative faculty, love of travelling and life in foreign lands. Not infrequently it conduces to high renown, and gives wealth and good fortune. Death in a foreign land is to be feared, and in some way the native is responsible for his own demise.

Inheritance or legacy falls to the native. The pat- ronage of ladies in high life may assist in forwarding the fortunes.

A certain restless activity of mind, together with a rich creative power, characterises the subject of this decan. The mind is of a philosophical and sober temperament; the passions are strong, but well controlled. Riches are difficult to acquire, but are yet certain to the native of this decan. Philosophical and literary pursuits, a taste for lofty speculations and deep researches, preferably of a scientific nature, are the chief characteristics of those under this decan.

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Success in literature is promised to those born under it. Friendship are few, but very steadfast. Capricorn 1st decan, ruled by Jupiter. The mind is masterful land ambitious, but often beset with doubts. The sympathies are narrow, and. Sometimes a fatalist, or yet a believer in the occult, the native is ever fearful of his destiny, yet nevertheless carried onward by a prevailing self-confidence and high ambition.

Relatives assist, and again obstruct, the progress of the native. Some secret evil mars the life and threatens the fame of a fair destiny. The decan gives very strong religious feeling, capable of arousing a high and worthy ideal. The acme of forceful self-assertion, of intense ambition, and of red-hot enthusiasm is reached in this decan of Capricorn. The native may easily achieve high military honours, but is always in danger of overstepping the limits of prudence, and suffering a speedy downfall. Yet friends are numerous and powerful, and favours fall in full measure to the native.

The nature is capable of extreme energy, and may become cruel and despotic unless tempered by prevailing influences of a softer and more humane nature.

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There are many and constant rivals who threaten the fame and position of the native. With moderation and proper feeling, the native will secure very high honours and a wide fame. The keynote of the decan is conquest, and again conquest. The disposition is proud, cold, reserved, and austere, wanting in sympathy and grace. The native suffers through his children, and also runs risk of financial ruin by speculations. The spirit is melancholy, and disposed to look gloomily upon lifes problems. Not infrequently there is danger of premature death.

The struggle of life will be hard, because the nature is too self-centred, and devoid of the wider sympathies. Aquarius 1st decan, ruled by Venus. Bright, cheerful, artistic, and humane in disposition, the native of this decan gathers friends around him.

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He excels in the lighter sciences and the fine arts, and especially in decorative art and industrial science. He figures in reunions and social gatherings. He is sober and placid in temperament, devoid of unruly passion or excess.

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He has success in foreign lands, and also in the pursuit of science and. He gains property, and has a taste for construction. His life is marked by an even and temperate course. The mind is bent on scientific and philosophical pursuits.

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Great depth of thought and extreme patience are characteristics of this person. Inventive faculty applied to medicine and hygiene is productive of success. Mathematical science, astronomy, and occult research are indicated; independence spirit, penetrating mind, power of assimilation. A lover of solitude and of learned society.

Fortunate by science or art. Slow but sure success. The native enjoys a fair name and good reputation. A melancholy individual, disposed to solitude and nocturnal life. Changeful in fancy; inclined to the lugubrious, to strange terrors and weird experiences, visions, and hallucinations. Women are likely to cause evil in the life. The native wanders from place to place. Danger of feeble or afflicted vision; long voyages; peculiar and fantastic appetites. Pisces 1st decan, ruled by Saturn. Loss of position; false friends; many secret enemies; morbid enthusiasm and corrupt sympathies; religious spirit, inclining to fanaticism; trouble through love affairs and children; danger of drowning; quarrels and disputes with powerful enemies; early death or affliction of a parent.

High position and much success; two marriages, or inconstancy in the marriage state; eminent friends; certain elevation and honours; a kind, warm disposi- tion and genial nature, very sympathetic, but lacking in con- stancy. The inherent merits of the native will raise him to a good position, and will confer wealth by good fortune. Loss b strifes and enmities, and by unknown and secret means; success in foreign lands, but a menace of danger; troubles in the marriage state; separation from wife and children; female influence strong, but detri- mental; danger of severe reversals, but assistance from friends in high position.

At times timid, and anon very audacious, the native is not reliable, and will lose many an opportunity of advancement. A certain religious or fanatical enthusiasm. Passionate nature, infected with an utter disregard of the consequences of action. Fanciful projects make a plaything of the native, and lead him from one to another disappointment. These readings of the decanates are frequently useful in determining the part of a sign under which a person is born, thus considerably reducing the limits of error in the construction of a horoscope.


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The characteristics, and also the points of probable destiny, referred to under each decan, are capable of considerable modification when the planetary influences so dispose. The decans designate a type of person, whereas the disposition of the planets bring out the individual characteristics and destiny.