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D level research is conducted under guidance of astrology wizard Mr. Gopal Bhattacharjee, Director and Principal of the Institute.

After achieving Ph. D the astrologer will have free access to the digital journal of the institute to contribute articles on advanced astrology.

He will also get opportunity for chamber practice. A brief history of Astrology and preliminary idea about various branches of astrology.

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Twelve signs of Zodiac, implication of their symbol classification and characteristic features. Nine Planets - Their significance, Bhavawise significance, Signwise classification as friend, enemy, neutral, exhalted, debilitated etc. Nakshatras - Their locations, lords and span.

Yogas - Effects of benefic and malefic yogas. Preparation of Nabatara Chakra and Sannari Chakra - their significance and use in prediction.

Calculator for Psychic Number & Destiny Number

Making Navamsa chart and clarification of its utility. Mathematical Astrology: Conversion of traditional birth time recorded in Danda, Pal etc.

Life Path Number - Online Calculator Life Path number is considered to be the most influential number in your numerological chart. It is sometimes referred to as the "Destiny number".

Your Life Path number is derived from your date of birth. Birthday Number Birthday Number is one of the most important information about a person. It tells us about personal characteristics, lessons learned, as well as about weaknesses which should be avoided. Name Numerology - Online Calculator.

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Personal Year - Online Calculator Personal Year number is based on your date of birth and the year you want to know about.