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Jennifer Angel Weekly Horoscopes 10/26/09 to 11/01/09 - Aries And do not forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. If you like our Page stay updated and active our notifications. Go to the Following section on Facebook and select See First! Thanks to this you won't miss any of our articles! Source: Pixabay. Incredible Emotional Published Share on Facebook.

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Share this photo on Facebook. Aquarius January 21 - February 18 Uriel, the angel of wisdom, is at the same time responsible for guiding both your study and to encourage your creativity, making you one of the most cultured and intelligent signs of the entire zodiac. Aries March 21 - April 20 The sign of Aries has its faithful defender, Ariel, to guide them throughout their life experiences. Next page. Taurus April 21 - May 20 Chamuel, the angel of peace, is in charge of guaranteeing that Taurus workers can find the leisure time they need to be able to reconcile their personal woes and fears.

Gemini May 21 - June 20 Nothing could be better for the Gemini than to have Zadkiel, the angel of forgiveness, behind them. Cancer June 21 - July 22 Cancer, the symbol of spiritual and maternal love, has received one of the best gifts in the form of its custodian, Gabriel, the messenger of God.

Leo July 23 - August 22 Charismatic beings, leaders, and beautiful people have at their entire disposal the same Raziel, the guardian of the mysteries and responsible for delivering them only to those who really deserve it. Virgo August 23 - September 21 The Virgo sign, one of the most hard-working of the zodiac, receives the blessing of having as its custodian the angel of healing, Metatron.

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Stay tuned and come back often as we build a comprehensive collection of Horoscopes, Articles and Products for your Soul-Self-Development. If there is a. Weekly Horoscope By Jennifer Angel Your Weekly Horoscope Advice! Aries March 21 – April 19 - There's a new start on the home front, stay close to family.

Libra September 22 - October 22 The compassionate, wise and just nature of the Libra could only receive the protection of the angel of beauty, Jophiel, which complements them up to almost perfection. Scorpio October 23 - November 22 Paradoxically, Scorpio people, known for their aggressiveness and their explosiveness in dealing with people, corresponds to one of the most compassionate angels, Jeremiel.

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Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 The Sagittarians have been granted the angel of friendship, Raguel, as protector of all of them. What do you think? Join the conversation. Although its name comes from the Greek word meaning "messenger", there Read more. Celebrities News.

#ARIES wk May 15 Your horoscope is all about #LOVE Jennifer Angel

We were all going crazy about the rumors about their comeback for so long! And guess Incredible Emotional WTF?

Who is the guardian ANGEL of each Zodiac sign?

When you meet a new guy and you start dating, you may have many doubts about their behavior from the beginning. If he is very indecisive and his way of being is a bit strange, maybe it is because he has a past that he is not over it yet. Justin Bieber has always been a person well known for his musical talent, coming to receive multiple awards that endorse his talent.

But despite the fact that his work is brilliant, almost everyone knows him also for his loving side and, The dreadful Joker's curse: each of the actors who has played it has gone through tragic moments. Freddie Mercury and Lady Di: All about their intimate friendship. The actor who played Jasper in "Twilight" looks way different 7 years later. Pictures of the human Barbie after getting tired of being a doll.

If you see any of these signs in him, your relationship is going nowhere! The actress who played Lucy from "The Chronicles of Narnia" at Psychological studies affirm that love lasts only 5 years, so it is recommended to change partners after the last year!

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Why is Keanu Reeves a perfect match for Angelina Jolie? Step by step instructions for being a perfect couple. All rights reserved. Join to our community!

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Username or e-mail. Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Sign up! Repeat password. I agree with terms and conditions. Sign in! Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Choose file to upload. You hate being predictable and because life has been a bit dull of late you may decide to do something outrageous today.

Whatever that something is make sure you have a way to shut it down fast — you could attract the wrong sort of attention. If a love relationship has not been going too well in recent weeks you can get it back on track by swallowing your pride and admitting that you were to blame for what went wrong.

Aquarius September 12222 Horoscope:

Click on your zodiac sign to get your weekly horoscope. We were all going crazy about the rumors about their comeback for so long! Dazzling News. You are adventurous, on a quest for truth and justice, and your enthusiastic energy makes you a truly exciting companion. An influential person can introduce you to power-players to help launch your career big time; stay tuned for more info. Connection to LifeReader lost Reconnecting now

Something you did for a friend or loved one and have since forgotten about will be repaid in full between now and the end of the week. Hopefully it will encourage you to help other people even more in the future. Good deeds are always rewarded. By all means voice your opinions but if you must be critical of someone whose power exceeds your own try wrapping what you say in thick sugar coating.

Aquarius September 12222 Horoscope

The last thing you need now is to make an enemy of someone who should be on your side. Your task is to direct them so they do a good job — then take the credit for yourself. The one thing you must not allow yourself to get emotional about is money. Something you think is a problem is not really a problem at all, and if you can shift the way you look at it to a more positive angle you will see the solution that has been so elusive.